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Psyche Receiving Cupid's First Kiss (1798), by François Gérard

Love Awakens the Interior

Welcome to iCulture

iCulture is a new online service intended mainly for bloggers and social media participants. The e-spa is open to everyone whose main dwelling is online. iCulture is a therapeutic online platform designed as an e-spa for the mind, where the reader is aided in the renewal of their mental powers through the establishment of self-reflexive habits. Cultural, educational, and consumer products are made available to aid the acquisition of a functional self-reflexive practice. The main services on the e-spa menu are: liberal arts education on the go, aid in creating individual self-reflexive space online, interior modelling, and consumer training.

Service Statement

As educational supplement, Design Within has a specific service platform. iCulture is an online process intended to supplement college, professional life, or plain household and lifestyle management with an educational opportunity for personal development. iCulture offers an opportunity to explore and recreate the interior with the great masters of Christian civilisation like Shakespeare, Leibniz, and Winnicott, while engaging contemporary events, markets, pop art, and media. The e-service is designed to celebrate the blossoming of genuine interiors. Its goals are to support and nurture the development of the individuality, its unique imprint, and singular contribution to the world.

Purpose and Description of iCulture Therapy

The journey the reader will begin with Prof. Dr. Viola Timm will take them to the interior of their private sphere. Unlike psychoanalytic therapy, however, where the patient is asked to share everything that comes to mind with the therapist, at the e-spa readers are free to keep that part of the therapy process private. Instead of a “talking cure,” which is Freud’s term for the therapeutic method known as psychoanalysis, the e-spa is an “online cure.” The reader learns to articulate the contents of their interior through the means of expression available online, including cultural and consumer products. A weblog or an offline journal is strongly recommended. The e-spa stimulates one’s publishing will-in-the-world and motivates the reader to share their internal experience through online communication, traditional publications, or consumer behaviour, which is a vital expression of the design one harbours within.

A key ingredient of iCulture therapy is the active daily engagement of classical and contemporary cultural products, mainly literary, theological, and philosophical, but also visual, consumer, and pop cultural products. The method used to present these materials is not encyclopaedic, not formally instructional nor purely informational. It has been designed over the course of a two-decade long rigorous academic research program and is intended to aid structurally significant acts of communication and expression. The ongoing innovative, interdisciplinary research behind iCulture’s platform is based on traditional research in the continental European literary tradition, classical psychoanalysis, and the Bible.

The posts will be composed in a way that requires both analytic concentration and 100% personal investment on the part of the reader, which, however, will be stimulated automatically. This is part of iCulture’s programmatic platform. It is the responsibility of the e-spa to keep readers engaged. Participants will have the opportunity to correspond with Prof. Timm personally over email and with other members of the community over the iCulture forums. The content provided by the host in the multiple weekly posts will be the main object of engagement between the participants and the host, between forum members, as well as between the interior and exterior worlds being documented in the exchanges. Gradually the posts will reveal more of the behind-the-scenes, theoretical design of iCulture, so that in time the reader can become an expert as well. Enjoy the journey!


iCulture therapy is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure mental illness, psychological dysfunction, or any type of clinical disorder. It is intended solely as an educational opportunity for personal development and enhancement.


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  3. An update to the site’s services is coming up.

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