Indulge in a new form of psychoanalytic blog therapy! Discover, nourish, and fall in love with your private sphere, consumer and cultural habits


Psyche Receiving Cupid's First Kiss (1798), by François Gérard

Love Awakens the Interior

Welcome to iCulture

Let me take a moment to welcome you to the blog and to disclose its purpose, service statement, which you will also find in the footer area below, and disclaimer. The main services the blog offers are: literary arts on the go, daily iCulture therapy, interior modelling, and consumer habit design for everybody.

Service Statement

Design Within is intended to supplement college, professional development, or plain household and lifestyle management with an educational opportunity for personal development. Explore your interior with the great masters of Christian civilisation like Shakespeare, Leibniz, and Freud, while engaging contemporary events, markets, pop art, and media. The blog is designed to celebrate the blossoming of a genuine interior, as well as to nurture and support the development of the individuality as unique image and presence in the world.

Purpose and Description of iCulture Therapy

The journey you will begin with your host, Prof. Dr. Viola Timm, will take you to the interior of your private sphere. Unlike psychoanalytic therapy, however, where you are asked to share everything that comes to your mind with your therapist, I will ask you to keep that part of the therapy process private. Instead of a “talking cure,” which is how Freud termed his famous therapeutic method known as psychoanalysis, we will engage an “online cultural articulation cure.” I will encourage you to keep a weblog or an offline journal of your thoughts, ideas, and sentiments. I also want to stir up your publishing will-in-the-world and to motivate you to share your internal experience either through online communication, traditional publications, or through your consumer behaviour, which is a vital expression of the design you harbor within.

A key ingredient in iCulture therapy is active daily engagement with classical cultural products, mainly literary, theological, and philosophical, but also visual, consumer, and pop cultural. The method your host uses to present these materials is not encyclopaedic, nor formally instructional and informational. It has been designed over the course of a two-decade long rigorous academic research program mainly structured and informed by the continental European literary tradition, classical psychoanalysis, and the Bible.

The posts will be composed in a way that requires both analytic concentration and 100% personal investment on the part of the reader, which, however, will be stimulated automatically. This is part of iCulture’s programmatic platform. It is our business to keep you engaged. You will also have the opportunity to converse with your host personally through email correspondence and with other members of the community through the iCulture forum. The content provided by your host in the multiple weekly posts will be the main object of engagement between you and the host, between members, as well as between your interior and exterior worlds. In later posts your host will reveal more of the behind-the-scenes, theoretical design of iCulture. In time, you will be an expert as well. Enjoy the journey!


iCulture therapy is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure mental illness, psychological dysfunction, or any type of clinical disorder. It is intended solely as an educational opportunity for personal development and enhancement.