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Dear Reader,

The daily news often leave us rattled, helpless, or hopeful, but they don’t provide a frame for containing the immediate effects of raw news reporting. The news are neither reflexive nor self-reflexive, which leaves half the work not finished. Official academic and political discourses tend to dismiss or outright condemn all acts of consumerism, not realising that consuming is half of our daily work. As a result we lack public spaces where we can train intelligent, reflected, and self-aware consumer habits. This forum will help us fill in the gap in public services.

An essential part of iCulture therapy is the cultivation of a strong interior that is immune to violent alterations brought about by external events. Historical acts and significant political events reach us via the media outlets and naturally alter the formats of our existence, but we are not at the mercy of unfiltered news. We have the power to determine how they affect us by framing a conscious response that reflects our inner identities. Preserving our freedoms includes the right to design who we are inside. Learning to practice this right to achieve full personal autonomy is among the paramount goals of iCulture therapy.

Feel free to share a story, political, cultural, scientific or any other, that you found online or in printed media within a month of your post.

Please provide a question or a context for your particular take on the event and define a relevant topic for discussion.

Best Regards

Your iCulture therapist

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