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Webevangelism as media design

Christ separates God’s from Caesar’s Province. Please note, Christ is the MEDIUM between the two provinces, the one below and the one above. The Coin of Caesar, Domingo Sequeira 1790

God’s Letter to us

God’s letter to every individual, the Gospel, speaks differently to each of us. It echoes the unique internal landscape and architecture each of us carries inside. It is infinitely satisfying to read, interpret, and marvel at the beauty of the revelations held in scripture, but Biblical reading on its own is as fruitless as living and reading without the guiding light of God’s word.

Just as much as we are children of God we are dust of the earth, that is, transient, instinctive, natural beings. In an environment where government, academic, medical, and legal institutions have abandoned Biblical teachings and have adopted the single dimension of creaturely existence, it is difficult to find anyone remotely interested in following the Bible. But the truth is, most who do crack it open and begin to engage in its truth, end up cutting themselves off from worldly formats and ways of living.

The truth is, living with the Bible and living in contemporary historical reality are not mutually exclusive, but they do require a complete commitment to scriptural interpretation.

The Garden

A good metaphor for the relationship between the Christian self and the worldly self, both of which dwell inside us, is the contrast between a natural reserve and a garden.

The garden is designed architecturally, styled, and groomed observing the conventions of art, technology and design appropriate to the historical era of its creation. The natural elements are no longer wild and purely creaturely, but re-created by a human mind and hand. Nature is sublimated in the garden creation, elevated to another dimension of existence that is recorded in books and other media. Based on these records a garden may be maintained for indefinite time. The garden immortalises transient, fallen nature, and displays the splendor and glory of the biblical elements of human existence. It does not dispose of creaturely natural elements, but uses them as a painter uses a pallet, as the basic elements of a human creation that supplants them.

To be true Christians we must do the same with the instincts we bear inside and the reality we face outside. History in and of itself is no different than nature. It is driven by natural and instinctive life cycles and transient living forms. At the same time, history is the path we travel toward Biblical revelations. In other words, the Gospel is the garden that sublimates and immortalises historical material existence. This also means there are as many historical realities as there are individual human interiors.

It is no accident that the only surviving historical recording systems hail from Christian societies. The Greco-Roman world, which also led historical records, became extinct and was resurrected in the Renaissance only due to the diligent efforts of Christians who preserved and ordered its archive, keeping much of its teachings alive in its own doctrines and in medieval scholasticism. The passion of St. Jerome for classical philosophical pleasures was never extinguished in Christian thought and became quite perilous and disproportionately powerful in the fading modern age.


The existing formats of what we have recently come to understand as the Deep State, a perilous new formation threatening the communicative nature of democracy, should be approached as natural, instinctive formations. Since most of us have to function in some fashion in the real world, we can’t avoid these formats, but we can frame and contain them within the province of Biblical teachings. This is the form of webevangelism I want to propose to you.

There are plenty webevangelists who perform the basic task of delivering scriptural wisdom in its raw, unadulterated form, but few to none that engage our contemporary — often unpleasant and ugly — realities. Most Churches today preach abstinence from the political process, but is that indeed what Christ counselled? Can we ignore Caesar or the priestly castes?

Since Christ intimated the separation of Caesar’s and God’s provinces (Matthew 22), Christians have been confronted with a choice between two masters and two realities. Christ was certainly not advocating a double existence and a divided conscience, one abiding by the laws and systems of the historical-political reality in which we find ourselves, and the other the Biblical reality of God’s rest: eternal peace and unity in Christ. If we make a decision to devote our life and works to Caesar’s world, then we will inevitably subject Biblical reality to Caesar’s reality. If, on the other hand, we choose God, we subject Caesar to God. The Chalcedonian rulers of Europe understood this very well and willingly subjected themselves to God’s Word.

Deep State Theocracy and Elite M

Chalcedonians are not to be confused with theocracies, which represent a social order run by elites, by an entire class of priests who have usurped the right to know and interpret God’s word. The Deep State today is a theocracy, though it claims the God it serves is a No-God, atheism. In fact, we have regressed to non-Roman, ungodly, pre-Christian times when the priestly – now academic – castes determined the rule of the land. The current global political architecture is absolutely denying Christ and European Christian experience and history.

In contrast, the Chalcedonian kings, had accepted Christ as their personal savior and recognized only the authority of God’s Letter to the gentile nations, the Gospel. Of course, Church and Crown worked very closely together, but the main tool of their collaboration was communication through the Word of God, not an administrative network determined by the priestly-academic caste as we do today. The Chalcedonian were incredibly successful and managed to develop the most sophisticated cultural networks and recording systems known to humanity, the European humanities until the French Revolution. In the center was human individuality. Chalcedonian kings comprise the subject matter of the entire Shakespearean canon, which unfolds the richness and beauty of human consciousness and places it at the center of political power. This kind of apotheosis of humanity is unthinkable in our contemporary global theocracy.

Are we walking in Christ’s shoes?

It may appear that the formats of the deep state and the elite media who have appointed themselves global rulers of every nation today have placed evangelists and webevangelists in the position of the Christ once again. It may appear that our hands are bound by these formats, but that is not true. The Christ came already. We are not facing another crisis. Jahweh’s promise to us is as good and true as His promise ever was.

The current ruling castes and systems are creaturely and as all natural creation they will pass. Like silent nature and the silent animal kingdom they worship as their god, they cannot save themselves, because they do not possess God-given language. The ruling elite only has the system language of natural science and the bureaucracies derived from natural scientific knowledge. These formats area absolutely transient and will go to dust.

It is up to us, Christians, evangelists, and webevangelists to save the remains of the deep state, elite media, and the secular academic archive. It is up to us to interpret their legacy in accordance with God’s architecture, the sublimated edifice to which Christ ascended. It is up to us to frame them and preserve their contribution to life on earth. This requires forgiveness, because they did throw us under a bus and because they have banished Christian thought.

Media of Forgiveness and Testimony

By forgiveness Christ never meant forgetting the evil done, but rather understanding that it belongs to the order of the snake that tempted Eve. The order of the snake preceded Him on the pole of knowledge at the center of human understanding. This is the order of fallen nature. By forgiveness Christ meant neutralizing material nature, understanding it is dumb and deaf, understanding it is condemned to return to the dust from whence it came. By forgiveness and testimony, Christ meant rising above and beyond good and evil to frame and glorify fallen nature and its earthly remains as God’s creation in our TESTIMONY. This does not mean submitting to evil, serving its formats, or even participating in their evil doing, but it does mean representing it with grace as something past and gone, as something transient, because we were chosen to carry its memory in eternity.

Alas, poor Yorick. Remains of the Deep State

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