The mind judges

A writing hand begs forgiveness

Mirror Labyrinth by Denni Elias (chicmuse.com)

The poets clothe themselves

Ministers of mortal desire

Dearly Beloved,

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We Remain in Christ For His Blood is the Life

We Listen for the Harmonies of the Word For the Name is the Blood

And Beg Forgiveness

Yours Truly,

The Namesmith


The Names of the Poet

What’s in a Name, asked sweet Juliet

And descended the thorny path

Of blood and rose petals

That ensnares the feet of the poets

Till they forget being called into life

And lay their weary, longing heads

Down with sweet Juliet

In her stone-cold wedding bed.

Dreaming on pillows of gravestones

Of love, peace, and merciful bosoms

Visited in the icy embrace of their loneliness

Only by the stubborn angel of namesmiths

Who, equipped with a golden hammer,

Breaks the thousand names of the poet

Into the pieces of their diamond lifetimes

Crowning the heads of earth’s rulers.

Lazarus was called to die by one name

But restored to life by the Redeemer of many Names!

Releasing their names to sweet Juliet,

The insatiable girl down below

Who calls every poet by his mortal name

If only to extinguish it in her icy breath,

The poets clothe themselves

Ministers of mortal desire.

Poetry is the ultimate charity

For the love of countless nameless lovers

Claims not a drop of blood less

Than one’s mortal Name for sweet Juliet

To unfetter the unlucky beings bound

In cold sepulchres with the rusty chains

Of unspoken, damp, stone-blind desires.

From now on speak poetry or nothing else!

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