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The Longing of the Kite

Odillon Redon’s The Cyclops

Tossing among white squalls raised by cool morning gales

And surf lips pursed by the breath of blistering afternoon furies

A weary one-eyed kite — curious cyclops —

Pauses its flight to fish its soul out of heavenly waters

Avian physique lifting its burden to give it stoke and joy.

Kitesurfing Championship King of the Air Trophy

Sighing with the wind, the kite drops its burden in the surf

Darts a long eye at the sylphic blaze on the horizon

Where his unknown lady lives and dances on treetops

Beckoning him into her amber-veined embrace.

Ancient Greek, Cyclops Head

Her mother, the queen of the night, is giving a ball

On the occasion of her daughter’s presentation to the stars,

Friendless torches lit and gilded for themselves alone

In the pitch black night of their frightful nightmares.

Stage set for Mozart’s Magic Flute, Queen of the Night

Lest she shine for herself alone and split her mirror

To make company in her gilded solitary dance tower

The lady clicks with hands and heels gently rapping

An invitation to her ball for the kite and his burden.

Queen Titania from Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream (Michelle Pfeiffer)

The kite’s eye grows fierce with longing for the lady

Sparks fires in the wave and hurls them at the setting sun

To torch the watery expanse between him and her eyes

Deepening the blue of sea and sky to reinvent her kingdom.

Capetown, King of The Air Kitesurfing World Championship, Table Mountain

Flapping his kite wings against the sand in the weak rays of the setting sun

The one-eyed shepherd shuts a heavy lid to hear the troubadour – his burden-

Sing the fires of day and night into the stall curtained by his eyelid

— Strange camera of molten gold containing worlds of magic —

Charging the cool midnight air with the fireworks of his quenchless love.

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