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to my husband

Like the little children playing with glee in glittering waves

And the fresh blossoms of the cherry trees in spring

Innocent love drives the seed deep into my unwary heart

To grow the roots of the noble, incorruptible edelweiss.

The child heart knows no sin, no law, no shadow, no doubt nor redemption;

Just as the fresh buds of spring don’t know their issue

Until the seductive summer sun throws lights

Like serpent tongues to make a flower evil and bear fruit.

Be lesser, my heart, don’t yearn for the glory of noon.

The edelweiss blossoms in the frosty shade of eternal night

Lording it over stern, forbidding, perilous mountain peaks,

Taming their unforgiving nature with the story of the eye, a lullaby

Of the easy blossom and safe harvest of the cherry in the valleys.

Nourish the difficult bloom of the edelweiss, my impatient heart

Kiss the frightful, inclement conditions of its flowering away,

Its crucifixion on the greater shoulders of blue and silver peaks,

The Golgotha of the northern mountains laced with icy stone woods.

The petals of the edelweiss glow with the strength of diamonds

Soaking up every stray, unkempt and shapeless droplet from the child heart.

Hold tight little heart, don’t burst, don’t jump out of the fragile cage.

It will shatter if it were to follow every flight of your innocent fancy.

Hold tight little heart, the blossom of the edelweiss is here, sweet messenger

Trumpeting the glory of the blue rock underneath, gently gliding over

The fleeting perishable cherry blossoms and their mortal fruit.

You were born for immortality and yours is the heart that wears the edelweiss

The diamond blossom of the heart’s highest peak.

Chanel embroidery (detail)


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