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Touched by grace and the morning sun beams

A dusty memory crosses the face of the rosebush

And gaining strength and presence with the waxing noon

Slips through pearly teeth and ruby lips to land in willing ears, small but keen

To weave its message into the sound of the day’s reality.

The Queen of the day announces a grand ball and a prize:

The blossoming heart of the owner of the dusty but precious memory,

Sweet maker of day angels stirring to reclaim the face of the morning rosebush

To trap it in the glory of light bouncing off cut diamonds, her souvenir treasure,

She fashions his benevolent presence out of the rose petals and pale gold ringlets

Of her memory found and lost again until the twelfth night of never.

Dusk falls unheard, slips through the gilded leaves kissed by the glory of the departing sun

I love you, the weeping voice of the angelic wing bearer howls softly

As his grand shadow glides over the vast nocturnal expanses

Veiled in the mystic gloom of earth’s moonlit lugubrious face

His preternatural desire, tamed and weakened by the excruciating pain of mourning

The inevitable loss of the night looming over the eclipsed moon, yields to love’s imperative.

Barred from consummation and feeding on the pain of renunciation,

Earthly desire and time itself transport him into a future of immaculate love.

The angel weeps in silence because he knows his mortal beloved like no other,

Having sprung from the treasure chest of her diamond cut remembrance

His bodiless heart in chains even as it resonates with the sound of her carnal one

One heart inside the other, beating in harmony as one, unable to touch

Too close, too different, and too much in love to be each other’s companions;

The eternal witness gets crucified with each new dusk on the cross of his bottomless love

The day of his desire fading into dark as the petals of the rosebush close

And enclose the gilded palace of her innocence

Where the angel dwells with the spotless soul of his mortal beloved

Waiting outside time and inside her, a prisoner of her heart – his long lost homeland

Beyond the clouds and the seas, beyond the hills and the plains

They drift together, never touching treacherous earth or each other’s embrace

Forever found in the lost paradise of earthly delights.

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