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“To answer before listening — that is folly and shame” Proverbs


Allegory of the Folly of Gossip, French 1600

The unfortunate story in the news today left us all rattled and puzzled at the blatant distortion of what everyone can see to be the truth. iCulture e-therapy consists of verbalizing an event as it occurs in our interior environment. Leibniz, the father of modern calculus, once said that it is no wonder man is able to search out knowledge in the world since he carries God’s image and intelligence within. The harmony between external knowledge and internal intuition is the only origin of true knowledge. Let’s unpack the event today, so we can verbalize what occurred inside us as we read the headline story today: a major newspaper deliberately twisting and misrepresenting the truth.

It is hardly worthwhile to honor the intentionally false statements published in the WSJ, but let’s entertain them for a second to understand the folly they are committing. The President of the United States, a legitimately elected head of the government of a free country, was attempting to communicate his well advised and well researched peaceful approach to the totalitarian regime in Asia, whose figure head is Kim Jong Un. Instead of reporting on the substance of his statements, the goal, means, and intelligence involved in the approach, WSJ stooped to malicious gossiping and maligning of the President’s character. There is nothing further we need to state or think about the incident to protect our inner world from the pollution caused by a liberal public institution.

When a public institution, which is an external organ of knowledge, abuses its power and falsifies the truth we are robbed of our interiors. What we know and see to be true is silenced, brutalized, and denied expression. This leads to feelings of anger and despair, which in turn gives evil a foothold in our souls. Thus public institutions like prominent news agencies destroy character, enslave our thinking, and seduce us to walk a path that leads to further destruction and degradation.

Resist the pollution of the news to preserve your inner peace by writing down and articulating the feelings of despair the news wrought in our souls today. Know God is in charge, voice your concern with the low character of our public institutions, and re-focus on being productive and positive in your outlook.

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