Elli Saab 2016

And the Lord promised us peace…

But would I know it if I didn’t know your heart

Sweet angel of mine,

Royal head of my long distant kingdom?

A word, a look, a smile of approval

Dispatched from your unreachable seat

Bring peace to my embattled territories,

Lands you conquered with a winning smile.

I bred you on my soft spring meadows,

Suckled you at the rosy nipples of spring buds

Only to lose the fresh perfume of your youth.

Now you’ve come back victorious

Binging peace to your long lost home

Commanding me to be still and wait

On your benevolence, in which I trust.

Oh happy girl that is without will

And waiting on your will to will her

Back into the Lord’s peace.

For even the Lord is a sweet Narcissus

And we His mirror image longing

To be, to live, to adore Him

As I do YOU, my Prince of Peace,

With a love truly God’s own.

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