Our Loved One

The Immaculate Lord

Is hic et ubique

While the sun is shining

Stars make love to flowers

Lustful petals close at dusk

As their lovers rise in the east

To sing their graces

In nighttime symphonies

But in the glory of the afternoon

My beautiful fawn

Peers shyly behind willow branches

As I compose this love letter:

My river of light,

The youthful innocence of your eyes

Is the sun bright on my day’s horizon

How can I give you back the power

Of your immaculate gaze?

I gather a bouquet of fresh spring blooms:

Invisible in the daylight

Stars hide within these flowerets

And photo-graph my verses

May I presume myself queen

Of the starless blue heavens

Only to gift you all the stars

In one chaste bundle, fruit

Of my day’s labor among the bees

In your loving eyes

I behold my redemption

Anne Siems, Girl and Fawn, 2009

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