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To my Valentine, my beloved husband:

His blood* flowed


So we could have this dream:

You are the miracle country

That was promised me

A promise TODAY

A promise before I was born

And a promise after the death of time

Made by the craftiest hands

That ever ushered in the day,

The light, and everything that breathes

If heaven were to fall to earth

It would choose your face

As its anchor, your love

For its sustenance

You are my miracle tree

That, letting my mind slip

Into sweet oblivion,

Births the kingdom

Of my own creation

Le Pays Des Miracles, René Magritte

St. Valentin was martyred for marrying Christian couples and for attempting to convert the Roman emperor Claudius to Christianity; as Revelations ends with a Wedding Feast today we are reminded that from the bond of love between husband and wife flows all the power Christians have in the material world; St. Valentin is thus perhaps the most important figure after Christ for our existence on earth in the realm of the material

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