Da Vinci, Euridice

I can just go back to my solitude, anytime, why bother with the world

Is resignation a sin? sighs Europa

Isn’t love that’s neither shared nor proclaimed, love just the same?

Silent, invisible love would still abide…

Misled, betrayed, plundered by the Fallen One —

He who is in chains forever, but gets a prison break

From time to time to do his mischief —

Odilon Redon, Satan in Chains

Lost on an island, banished from the world

Seduced, the siren Europa sings her heart empty

Until she withers & passes from the world.

There will be no Hosannas, ordered Agrippa

And her siren songs will wither from this world!

Time passes and her remains are stirred

By the passionate fingers of an organist —

An Orpheus lost in sadness, looking through ashes

For his forlorn immortal queen —

A little brook thundering mighty tunes

Somewhere in the cold, dark north

Among arched abodes and high Gothic spires

Where a lover touched by the passion of the Christ

To serve love, not to obey human orders,

Hears her silence, between the ages,

Between the passages of dreadful Time

And echoes the image of her beloved.

Her song thunders through the high arched dome,

A distant future, a forgotten dream

The Time Traveller carries in His sacred heart

As He sails in service of the siren

Who heard His voice Rising on the Sabbath Great

And fell in love, proceeding

To obey His every Great Command of Easter

Stamping His image

On the angelic faces of her children

And praying for them to Mary, who lost One

To gain hers, the children of Europa.

Neither beauty nor love remain hidden

And the world will once again see

Her immortal face, hear her magnolious voice

Hosanna Siren Europa

Tischbein, Europa

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