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June 29, 2018
Nothing beautiful can be morally reprehensible. 
Beauty is Truth, Truth Beauty
Dear Reader,
There is a new writer in town and her début novel was just released.
I am sure you have heard of Bill Clinton’s crime drama set in the American White House, where the author has the First Lady killed. Consider this an alternative read that approaches the contemporary psychology of the Judeo-Christian family and femininity from a more sensitive and psychologically and clinically correct perspective.
Historically, this work of literary fiction offers a return to the glorious Age of Innocence, when America invested in sophisticated mores and ethically edifying literary pleasures.
Here is what to expect if “Melanie” makes it to your reading list for this year’s Fourth of July Holidays:
After the death of his mother, the future First Family embraces their old friend, the Virginia senator’s twelve-year old son Buck as their own. The boy grows attached to the family, which provides for his needs, and finds solace from his grief. Soon after his departure for Westpoint, Buck abruptly and inexplicably terminates contact with his benefactors. The sexually matured young man has fallen hopelessly in love with Melanie, the future First Lady, and subjects himself to deliberate exile. As his father begs him to attend the inauguration of Trent and Melanie as First Family, however, his secret is revealed to her. Melanie’s task now is to master the circumstances without hurting anyone even as she discovers Buck’s feelings are not without resonance in her heart.
Armed with reading this 4th of July?

The counter-revolution is better in writing & less bloody! Get on the fair side of history with this breathtaking novel.
Bill Clinton kills the First Lady in his début novel. Here is a more sensitive and human alternative: 
“Melanie,” a European-style romance in the tradition of Bovary & Karenina, set in the American White House just out for the 4th from Lighthouse Christian Publishing https://lighthousechristianpublishing.com/products/melanie-by-dixie-quinn, also available on Amazon
As always the work and quality you have learned to appreciate on this website address the moral quandaries of the times and reflect on the sacred teachings of the Bible as our only signposts to sanity and psychological health.
Having researched the intricate networks of culture and psychology for decades, Dixie Quinn brings psychological depth and knowledge to Scripture, making the moral substance of the human condition palpable and believable.
Wishing you an unforgettable summer!
Your long-distance therapist,
Viola Timm
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