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When I opened my heart

— pink petals, honey juice, and fairy dust — during the day bright

Under the sun of my ring and communion

The right one knew my perfume

And answered bravely fearing no doom

He drank my nectar in oblivion

But when night dawned and my crown closed frightened of her shadowy Hyperion

He stayed on

And pitied me, drinking my sadness

For the sun as deeply as he had my gladness

And I lost my horror of thick darkness

For I knew this true bird

Would weather every dusk and every first blush’ brightness

Singing my love for his dear shivering feathered lightness

Nestling the heart of my dearest,

sweetest, nearest and cheeriest

Until the end of times ended in our time of togetherness

Forever and a-gain

At dawn I knew

This bird would

Forevermore be true

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