Be still, dear heart

This quietest of nights

And travel light

Leaving everything behind

The worries, the fears, 

The python bags and diamonds,

The perfumes and shoes,

The dresses and furs,

The cars and phones

The thousand little foes

That ruffle your days

And shorten blissful nights

And come as you are,

Naked, unarmed,

No money in your bag 

Leave All behind

Save for that one hope,

One love, one passion 

That you can’t be without 

And lay it in the manger

Show Him love that 

Surpasses the greatest of fables

The finest of stars

And still finer mementos,

Relics of silver and gold

Your gift you must give up

Renounce it now,

To let eternal stars glow

With its name written

Across the quietest night sky 

Let me be the angel

Come to beg your gift

For the humble manger

Hear my guitar as it gently

Weeps you to your peace

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