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Come, said the fox, I have a lair full of prey and gold, with a nail to hang your heart on!

Come, live with me and be my bride!

Go, said the maiden, hang your skin on the nail, and see me naked!

Ah, lady, sighed the fox, my lair is cold, thick and warm my skin. Why do you want my skin?

Why do you want me to hang my heart?

So you will not escape when I go hunting!

But my heart will warm up your place, so we can be naked.

The fox scratched his head:

But then you’ll burn it all down. Then scratched his head again:

And how shall I know you will not escape before I hang your heart?

You shan’t, I’m the fire starter. 

My heart is the fire 🔥 I don’t escape, I consume all.

Ah then, leave me, lady, I want nothing with you.

Too late, little fox, your lair is in flames. 🦊 🔥