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We are the innocents, the undead

Priests of the holy line of the crown.

Our blood you drink,

Our bodies you break,

Diachronous, synchronous, multichronous.

We inhabit space hic et ubiq

One holy order, one word, one being.

Our wounds bleed your sustenance,

Our words are your cradle and your grave.

You persecute us, hate us, slander us,

You tear our bodies apart

But we emerge victorious

In other times and other places.

Our testament is your damnation.

Fools who refuse wisdom,

We are not here to love you

But to bleed your sustenance.

You gloat on our holy blood

Waste it on lechery and earthly power,

You make the Lord blush with shame,

Give His chosen ones a bad name

Desecrating the holy face He gave you

As we bear witness to your damnation.

We break, we bleed, we suffer

At your hands, at your feet

But lest you drink again of the one holy cup,

Lest you come to our broken bodies

With love and faith and thirst

For the word we bear

Repenting of your many evils

Your wealth and your poverty,

Your short reign and your power

Will only take you to the eternal flames

Of your own hateful desires.

The blood covenant you deny

The Lord’s priesthood you slander.

But we are not of your genealogies.

We are innocent of your blood lust.

Our blood is immaculate perfection,

The blood in the holy cup.

You cannot kill us once and for all.

Your hate of us is your damnation.

As we bleed we fill the cups and the plates

With sustenance for the righteous.

We are the priests of innocence,

The kings of virtuous virginity.

Deny our highest, even the Lamb

And you will neither taste

Nor know true power,

Sad slaves of transient might.

For don’t you know

We are everywhere?

We are the justice of God

Who gave us history  

To rule and dispatch,

Us He granted the only crown,

The sign of His eternal reign.

Beware our testimony!

You crush us and we bleed

But lest you drink our blood

You will perish in oblivion.