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Descartes Signiture

Everyone is welcome to post a poem or a free-form reflection and enjoy the luxury of instant commentary and informed feedback by a literary scholar

Dear Reader,

This is your space. You may choose to undergo your course of iCulture therapy in the privacy of your own four walls, but some aspects of our interiors remain silent to ourselves and only heed the bidding of another ear to unfold their contents.

Here you are encouraged to pen a poem, a prayer, or a reflection, which will be fully credited to your name or your pen name, share an experience that has been troubling you, seek advice from other users, or begin or advance the design of your internet presence.

We can also discuss formal and historical features of poetic expression and reflect on historic acts of poetry that have transformed the way we think today.

Share your beautiful interior.

Best Regards,

Your iCulture therapist

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Vermeer, Girl with a Letter


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